lately, I’ve been feeling this overwhelming need to run away... to go to a place where no one knows my name or face or age... to see what lays beyond the world I know... to feel the wind in another place... to know what it’s like to start anew with no sense of who you … Continue reading V.


just breathe... let the wind enter your lungs & let the air consume you. let it take you over so you can fly far away. far far away from here. far from the pain that is attached to this place. to start anew among the clouds & sky. m.k.w.w.


what a lie it is to think that you don’t have anything unique or special to bring to the table. don’t believe for one second that you aren’t worth the love you’re given or the care you receive. you are more than just another person occupying space; you are a soul with a heartbeat and … Continue reading II.


running, running, sleeping, waking, skipping, jumping, walking, tripping, flying, falling.     drowning, sinking, swimming, dreaming, singing, dancing, flying, falling.     laughing, weeping, striving, stalling, feeling, seeing, flying, falling; life.   -m.k.w.w.