You’re Not Alone: Dedicated To My Mayo Clinic Family

Hello everyone!! So sorry for taking so long to put out another blog; life has been crazy recently. Quite honestly I’ve had some severe writers block the past couple of weeks as well… There’s nothing worse for someone who loves to write to not be able to create work that you’re proud of. However, I finally had a spark of inspiration! I’m sure that many of you know that I frequently visit Minnesota. This started out because I go to Mayo Clinic every six months to have check ups and to just make sure everything is the way it’s supposed to be. But through many visits and a month-long stint at a rehab center for young adults with chronic illnesses, I made lifelong friends. So now my vacations to the Land of A Thousand Lakes has much more to do with its inhabitants. Because I love my Mayo/PRC family so much I thought I’d take a minute to remind them of my love for them through my blog.

I wish all of you knew the beautiful souls of the people I’m going to be talking about but I’m going to try my best to give them justice. I’m not going to be giving out specifics of situations/illnesses because in no way do those things define any of them. Firstly I would just like to say that never have I ever clicked with a group of people as quickly as I did with these amazing people. Each and every one of them has brought something special into my life and into the lives of everyone they know. They all fight the fight every day to get out of bed and push through the numerous obstacles they face. We all have varying chronic issues but no matter the differences, we all understand the other’s pain and problems better than anyone outside of our little group.

I cannot tell you how many times we would start explaining something to the group and we each would actually understand. As a person who felt so alone in my struggles for so long, that was the greatest comfort I could imagine. More than that though the thing that amazes me the most about each of them is their constant availability to anyone at any time. These wonderful human beings could be going through something so incredibly difficult, yet they put others before themselves. Not to mention the strength and determination that they each possess. Seriously, they are some of the most resilient people you will ever meet.

We’ve all been through some very difficult things together and had to be our most vulnerable during those times. I don’t think one group of people has seen me go through every single emotion like they have (PRC fam, y’all put up with a lot lol). But despite the messy state we were in when we were all together we never gave up on each other. That is something I’m eternally grateful for. Some people I’ve known my whole life have never seen me angry or sad or upset but my Mayo friends saw me experience all those emotions at once the first day they met me! Talk about a great first impression.

Another thing I love about them is their genuineness. They don’t put a front on when it comes to anything. Well, maybe when it comes to how they feel physically 😉 But honestly what person with a chronic illness doesn’t do that?! Also, they only do that because they don’t want others to worry about them. No matter how crappy they may feel, they still have hope for a better day to come and I love that so much about them.

Though, what I really want to do is encourage them. Some of my beautiful friends I’ve been talking about are going through some very trying times. Whether it be a recent medical relapse, a ninth major surgery, school struggles, or just emotional hardships I want you all to know how very proud I am of you. You all work so hard every single day to continue on and work for what you want. I have never seen anyone of you give up no matter how difficult life may be. I see the pain you endure and the obstacles you face, but I also see the barriers you break down daily. Do you even realize how inspiring y’all are?! Every single one of you completely amaze me. This goes for anyone struggling with a chronic illness or hardship. Life is not an easy task to face and yet we all must face it. I’m blessed to know people who inspire me through their strength to keep on trying.

My wonderful PRC family, you are a source of strength in my life. I know that at any time I could call any one of you up and you’d each be there for me. Some of you I haven’t even seen in almost two years. Some of you I talk to most every day. Whatever the case may be I’m beyond thankful for the beautiful people that you are and the inspiration you each are to me. Thank you for never giving up and looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.

I think a lot of people forget how blessed we are by the people around us. I know I take it for granted more than I should. But I pray for my PRC family every day and I love hearing from all of you. I know that these last couple of years have been beyond rough and I know we each have busy lives, but I just wanted to take a few moments to remind you all how much y’all mean to me. I would not be the person I am today without having met you all and I know I’m a better person because of you guys. I’m sincerely proud of y’all.

Also, any person who is struggling with any sort of hardship please know that there is hope. If anyone ever needs to talk or just needs someone to listen I am always here and I’d be glad to help. This post was of course meant to uplift my PRC family and remind them of my love for them but to also highlight the importance of a strong community/support system. So please never hesitate to ask for help. You never have to go through anything alone.

One last thing I’d like to mention is my PRC family lost a pivotal member this past March. Claire, we all love and miss you more than you know. Thank you for being our angel and our daily hero. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.


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